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Essential Winter Beard Grooming Tips That All Men Need To Follow

When it comes to the harsh winter months of the year, there is one thing that is absolutely critical when it comes to taking care of your grooming routine – and that is moisture. If you live in one of frigid northern states, you know just how bad it can get during winter time. As the days get colder and dryer and just generally you will start to experience dry skin. That’s why we wanted to take just a moment to help out all of our northern friends on how to make sure that you look your absolute best no matter the conditions outside. While we have talked extensively about beards, almost to an unhealthy obsession, one fact remains clear:...

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Get rid of the Beard Itch

Just about every man that grows a beard after about one month will start to notice that it gets a bit itchy. While some beardsmen like to just “push through” this phase, this discomfort is completely unnecessary with the added use of beard oil. To understand why your beard is getting itchy, its important to look at what is going on with the skin beneath your beard and how beard oil plays a role. At the root of every one of your beard follicles, you have a pair of glands called sebaceous glands. These glands are key to making sure that your beard stays well nourished. The sebaceous glands create this oil called sebum oil. As your beard follicle gets...

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A Woman’s Perspective

A Woman’s Perspective --It has always been a man’s world when it comes to beards but no one realizes that the beard can play a significant role in a woman’s life as well. Women generally do not voice their opinions about the beard; let it be their family member, significant other or a friend. Let me provide my two cents for you.I was not a fan of beards. Most men were not well groomed. They looked frazzled and unkempt.In the past, men that I come across did not take care of their beards at all! They smelt weird, grew haphazard and were coarse. This gave me the impression that beards are not at all glorious! This opinion changed in the...

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