Essential Winter Beard Grooming Tips That All Men Need To Follow

When it comes to the harsh winter months of the year, there is one thing that is absolutely critical when it comes to taking care of your grooming routine – and that is moisture.

If you live in one of frigid northern states, you know just how bad it can get during winter time. As the days get colder and dryer and just generally you will start to experience dry skin.

That’s why we wanted to take just a moment to help out all of our northern friends on how to make sure that you look your absolute best no matter the conditions outside.

While we have talked extensively about beards, almost to an unhealthy obsession, one fact remains clear: a well-maintained beard is WAY more attractive as opposed to one that is unkempt or just generally dry and messy.

To help maintain your beard properly, the one single product that you should invest in will be a beard oil.

Beard oil is formulated from both carrier and essential oils and acts as a conditioning agent that not only keeps your beard feeling soft, but also to prevent your skin from flaking on your face.

How so?

The carrier oils found within beard oil are typically jojoba, argan, or sweet almond oils. These well-tempered oils act to compliment your natural sebum oil that is produced by your skin. This complimentary effect helps to keep your skin well-nourished and moisturized.

A common product typically associated with beard oil will be beard balm.

Beard balm is nearly the same in many aspects. A beard balm will contain both the carrier and essential oils found in beard oil, but also contains two additional ingredients:

Butter (usually shea or cocoa)
The butter found in beard balm is an extra layer of moisture that helps to further repair both your beard and skin. These same ingredients are typically found in the best hand lotions for men as well.

The beeswax within a balm primarily acts as a protectant for your skin. This will help to naturally lock in the moisture to your skin without the feeling that you are wearing a mask or are being suffocated.

Most balms don’t contain a high amount of beeswax, therefore they hold to keep your whiskers is in check is typically light to medium at best. For a stronger hold, check out mustache waxes instead.

These two additional ingredients make beard balm better suited for those living in the harshest conditions (think Minnesota, Buffalo, Canada, etc.).
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