Get rid of the Beard Itch

Just about every man that grows a beard after about one month will start to notice that it gets a bit itchy. While some beardsmen like to just “push through” this phase, this discomfort is completely unnecessary with the added use of beard oil.

To understand why your beard is getting itchy, its important to look at what is going on with the skin beneath your beard and how beard oil plays a role.

At the root of every one of your beard follicles, you have a pair of glands called sebaceous glands. These glands are key to making sure that your beard stays well nourished. The sebaceous glands create this oil called sebum oil.

As your beard follicle gets longer, it simply requires more and more sebum oil to coat the follicle while also keep your skin well nourished and moisturized.

One important key to understand, is that no matter the length of your beard, your sebaceous glands stay the same size. Given that they are finite in size, their sebum oil production can’t effectively keep up with the demand of your beard follicle.

no matter the length of your beard, sebum oil remains constant. Therefore when your beard gets to a certain length (every man is different but typically after a few weeks of growth), their sebum oil just simply isn’t enough.

This is when your beard and more importantly, your skin becomes dried out and itchy.

Therefore the introduction of beard oil will actually act as a supplement to your sebum oil making the dreaded beard itch go away while also giving it the proper nourishment that it is seeking.
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