The Prologue

Beards were always a big NO. Growing up and attending military school we were regimented to follow rules. No beards. No long hair. Every fold and every follicle had to be per prescribed rules. My stubble could never be more than a day old.
Fast forward to 2013.
I finally decided to take a break and hike through the Garibaldi Volcanic Belt in British Colombia. My journey started in Whistler, British Colombia. This trip spanned a total of two months and a 100 KMS.
I had scaled Mt Cayley, Callaghan, Tantalus, Garibaldi, Fee, Alfred, and Overseer Mountain.
Never had I been so alone, yet so liberated. Every night, the cosmos were at my behest. During this time, my beard grew and perhaps it has the only part of me I enjoyed in my freezing solitude
However I noticed my beard was coarse and prickly. On arriving back to civilization I noticed I had to groom this beast. I tried many different products and was always semi satisfied. As I read a lot more into the magic of beard care, I realized that I could possibly make my own scents. This let to me dabbling into my own scents for myself and slowly sharing this will friends and family.
Fast forward two years.
Me and my partners have finally put together a new beard care brand: Mount Beard. Here at Mount Beard, we strive to carry all organic and natural beard products. Any suggestions or feedback are always much appreciated. Remember, embrace the power of the beard and BEARD ON!
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